Working Papers

  1. Alaa GUIDARA, Jean-Pierre GUEYIÉ, Van Son LAI & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Banks’ Non-Traditional Activities Under Regulatory Changes: Impact On Risk, Performance And Capital Adequacy. Working Paper, Université Laval, 2014.
  2. Michel GENDRON, Zebret Konan HAGOUAGN’RIN, Van Son LAI & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Economic Capital for Insurers: Insurance Cycle and Catastrophic Risk. Document de recherche, Université Laval, 2013.
  3. Issouf SOUMARÉ & Ernest TAFOLONG, Risk-Based Capital for Credit Insurers with Business Cycles and Dynamic Leverage. Working Paper, Université Laval, 2012.
  4. Issouf SOUMARÉ, Gaston GOHOU & Hugues KOUADIO. Comparative Study of the Characteristics of FDI from Developed Countries versus China in Africa. Working Paper, Université Laval, 2012.
  5. Van Son LAI, William SODJAHIN (Stern, NYU) & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Firm Cash Holdings, Idiosyncratic Risk and Analyst Coverage.
  6. Gaston GOHOU & Issouf SOUMARÉ. The Impact of Project Cost on the Delay to the First Disbursement: The Case of the African Development Bank.
  7. Gaston GOHOU & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Impact of FDI on Welfare in Africa: Are There Regional Differences?
  8. Sébastien JACQUES, Van Son LAI & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Financial Guarantee Replication under Transaction Costs.
  9. Van Son LAI & Isssouf SOUMARÉ. An Analysis of Government Loan Guarantees and Direct Investment through Public-Private Partnerships.
  10. Kabir HASSAN (U. New Orleans) & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Financial Guarantee as Innovation Tool in Islamic Project Finance.
  11. Issouf SOUMARÉ, Fabien YOUBISSI & Michel GENDRON. Comparative Analysis of Multiple-Guarantor Agreements.
  12. Issouf SOUMARÉ & Tan WANG (UBC). International Risk Sharing, Investment Restrictions and Asset Prices.
  13. Issouf SOUMARÉ & Longkai ZHAO (Beijing U.). Heterogeneous Risk Aversion with Demographic Changes and Equilibrium Prices.
  14. Mamadou S. BALDÉ, Nabil KHOURY, et Issouf SOUMARÉ. L’hétérovariance des prix du pétrole brut et l’efficacité de la couverture à l’aide des contrats à terme boursiers: Cas des importations guinéennes. Working paper, Chaire Desjardins de gestion des produits dérivés (#02-2005).
  15. Ron GIAMMARINO (UBC) & Issouf SOUMARÉ. Incentives and Voluntary Investment in Employer Shares.

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