Recognition of the significance of the book « Stochastic Simulation and Applications in Finance with MATLAB Programs » by Huynh, Lai and Soumaré

Many students, academics and practitioners have warmly congratulated professors Huynh, HT, VS Lai and I. Soumaré (HLS) of Laval University, co-authors of the book « Stochastic Simulation and Applications in Finance with MATLAB Programs » (Wiley) since its publication. Other renowned faculty members have adopted this book as the basic text for their courses, quoting HLS in their course syllabus, e.g., S. Rachev,

Recently, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) has included  HLS in the list of compulsory books required for obtaining the prestigious title of FSA (Fellow of the Society of Actuaries) exams.

This is a significant acknowledgment for Professors Lai, Soumaré and Huynh.

PostDoctoral Fellowship in Banking and Finance at Laval University, Quebec, Canada

The Laboratory for Financial Engineering of FSA ULaval ( is recruiting
a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Banking and Finance, subject to satisfactory performance appraisals,
for a period of up to three years. Ideally the candidate has obtained in the last 5 years his Ph.D.
degree and is expected to conduct both empirical and/or theoretical research using micro
and/or macro approaches on the subject of financial intermediation and regulation studying
various topics such as banks’ capital, risk and regulatory implications (Basel III, bank supervision,
market discipline, financial stability, systemic risk, liquidity risk among other issues), ownership
structure (risk and efficiency implications), banking market structure, lending behavior and
economic activities but not only limited to these.

Extensive data (Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ, Reuters 3000Xtra, S&P Compustat, SAS Database,
CRSP Database, CRSP Mutual Funds, Datastream and TSXE CFMRC) are available from FSA
ULaval Carmand-Normand and Jean-Turmel Trading Rooms which are among the best in the

Applicants must submit the following package:

  1. A Curriculum Vitae,
  2. Transcripts of records,
  3. A sample of published articles and working papers,
  4. A comprehensive research proposal
  5. Reference letters to: before June 30, 2013.

For further inquiry and information, please contact:

Van Son Lai, Ph.D., CFA
Professor of finance
Codirector of Laval University Financial Engineering Laboratory
Department of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FSA ULaval)
Laval University
2325, rue de la Terrasse
Quebec (Québec), G1V 0A6, CANADA
Tel: Work (418) 656-2131, Ext. 3943